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Backpacking Europe

I did a European backpacking trip for 10 weeks and wanted to share some recommendations for what to pack and how to travel. It’s poorly organized right now — sorry. The Main Stuff Tortuga Setout Travel Backpack ($199) Pretty much the greatest travel backpack in existence. There are better reviews […] Read more

What tech should I use?

Lots of people ask me questions like “What phone should I use?” So here’s my take for a wide variety of technologies. I’ll update this regularlyish. Phone I don’t get all religious about iOS vs Android. Just use the one you’re used to. I’m used to Android and like the […] Read more


My friend’s dad makes the best “carbonara” (even though it’s not actually a carbonara). Here’s the recipe he sent along with a few small changes: Render the bacon until you get it crispy so you get most of the fat out of it. Then sauté cut up onions in the […] Read more

Vodka sauce

This simple staple recipe comes from Ariella’s dad: Start with some marinara sauce (I’ll post my recipe for this soon enough…) Add 1/4 cup vodka for every cup of sauce Boil for about 10 minutes to boil off alcohol Add the mostly cooked pasta and finish cooking in the sauce until […] Read more