Bandura Resources

Learning to Play Mishalow’s Resource Handbook Shtokalko Kharkiv-style handbook Shtokalko bandura songbook Recordings of Shtokalko playing Bandura magazine parts 3-4 (including Introduction to Bandura Part II) Technical Resources Changing a Chernihiv string String gauges (Chernihiv, baby Vetzal, Vetzal Poltavka, Honcharenko Poltavka) Manufacturing Vetzal construction video One of the last Chernihiv manufacturers Banduramaker Old-world manufacturing Skliar […]

My PHP Dev Environment

Howdy! Most of the sites I build are in PHP, built on top of WordPress or MediaWiki, as I can build these fairly quickly and host them cheaply, requiring minimal maintenance. It took me a while to come up with a comprehensive setup, so I hope this helps someone in the future! CodeAnywhere (Starting at $8/month) […]


Major Suppliers: Ukrainian Gift Shop (UGS) Ukrainian Eggcessories (UE) Best Pysanky (BP) WaxArtSupply (WAS) Formerly Folk Impressions (FI). Many people continue to use the old name, and lots of their products are still labeled with it. EggstrArt — Supplies for Polish and Lemko style Pysanky JustEggsquisite — Scratch Tools Pysanky USA (PUSA) The CEO of PUSA was […]