Smart Mirror (2016)


Engineer something. Our team built a Smart Mirror.


  • Text shows up but mirror is still usable
  • Time
  • Weather
  • Google Play Music
  • Spotify
  • Google Calendar
  • Gmail
  • Multiple Users
  • Pin authentication


Raspberry Pi connected via HDMI to a monitor behind a two-way mirror. The main program running on it was written in Python using the tkinter graphics library.

My Responsibilities

Worked with team of 5. I was responsible for backend programming. This mainly comprised authenticating and obtaining data from services (ex mail, calendar) and parsing it into a simple format. It also included obtaining playlist information and playing music from Google Play Music and Spotify. Another teammate wrote the GUI. I was responsible for designing the API between the GUI and the backend in advance and for integrating the two components once both were ready.


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Final Memo

Source Code

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